Installation HELP/ Settings / FAQ

Q.How to install the Java application?

There are two types of installation procedure.
1.Online installation
2.Offline installation

1. Online installation

This is the fastest and easy procedure.
If you have activated GPRS (Internet) on your phone then 
    • visit  from your mobile browser.
    • Then Click on Install.
    • Installation will start automatically
    • After installation you will find the application icon in Games or Applications folder.In case of Nokia s60 phone you will find it in Installations folder.
IMP Notes: 
-Most of the Samsung phones will require to install the application through online procedure only. This is because these phones don’t support offline installation.

2. Offline Installation

This procedure is specially for the phones on which Internet is not activated.
  • Please download suitable .JAR and .JAD file as per your phone model.Please note that .jar file is the most important.
  • Copy these files to your phone by using USB cable or if you have laptop you can transfer these file to your phone via bluetooth.
  • From phone click on .jad file. If it doesn’t work then click on .jar file.Installation will start automatically.
  • After installation you will find the application icon in Games or Applications folder.In case of Nokia s60 phone you will find it in Installations folder.

Q.What are the phone requirements?

Phone must support java application having CLDC 1.0 or above, MIDP 2.0 or above.

Q.How to install m-Indicator on Samsung phones?

The Best solution:
If you have activated GPRS on your phones then you can directly install the software by browsing from your mobile (using native browser not Opera)  to our mobile site.


Download and unzip the installation file for samsung on your computer. (which is available on home page )
Copy JAD & JAR files on your phone then click on JAD from your phone.

Q.Nokia phone is not installing the application, what to do?

Please remove memory card from phone and visit to install the application again.

Q.Manual registration to activate Application?

   Please follow following steps
  1. Accept terms and condition.
  2. Select My Area.
  3. You will a message "Register your application..." - Press Discard
  5. You will the code like MULOT xxxxxxxxxxxxx  . Note down this code on paper.
  6. Close the application.
  7. Send SMS  MULOT xxxxxxxxxxxxx  to 9246356765  .
  8. After 2 mins you will receive a PIN like 1234567890.
  9. Open the application - Accept -> Discard -> Entert PIN
  10. You application will be get activated.

Q.I have done manual registration but when I am keying PIN it is giving error of wrong pin?

   Please follow following steps
  1. Please remove memory card from phone.
  2. Ensure that you have 400 KB PHONE MEMORY free.
  3. Install the application.
  4. Check manual registration code.
  5. Exit.
  6. Relaunch app and again check registration code.
  7. If both time registration code is same then you can perform manual.
  8. Registration and get PIN.
  9. Activate.
  10. Reinsert memory card.

Q."Unsupported File" ERROR in Samsung phones while installation. What to do?

Many Samsung phones cannot install java application by copying file into the phone. In such case application must be installed using mobile browser. GPRS must be activated on your phone. Visit from mobile phone and select Samsung version.

Please note that this is limitation of Samsung phones.

Q.Android m-Indicator, downloading Installer?

m-Indicator for Android is available on Android Market, by searching "m-indicator" in Android Market you can install it on your Android phone. Application can be used offline but in order to use Android Market you need GPRS to be activated on your phone.

Offline installer file is not available for download.

Q.I am having Sony Ericsson phone.It installed correctly but I face a problem.Every time I start the application I need to send the registration msg.

Please delete the application.Restart your phone(this is must). Then re-install the application. It will ask you for registration. Allow it to send SMS. Wait for for few seconds till you see SMS sent alert.Now exit the app and again check whether it is asking for registration or not and let us know the result.

Q.How do I install a Java application on Blackberry?

Two ways
1) Through Blackberry browser
2) Through Desktop computer

Method 1:
-Open Blackberry browser. Make sure that GPRS(Internet) is active on your mobile phone.
-Visit from browser
-Select blackberry version.
-It will download and install the application

Method 2:
-You need to download the Blackberry Desktop Software.You might have this programm on the CD which you got along with phone.(
-Install Blackberry Desktop Manager.
-From download zip file for blackberry.
-Extract it on your computer. You will see alx and cod file
-From Blackberry Desktop Manager install the application by browsing to alx file.

Q.How do I install application on Micromax phone?

Install the application through and Installtion must take place on PHONE MEMORY else registration will take place every time when you will launch the application.(this is the limitation of micromax phone and not of application)

Q.I have installed m-indicator on Samsung ch@t. I cannot see Bus route menu option on my mobile?

Samsung Chat phone has JAR size limit of 300KB. We have provided Mini version specially for Samsung Chat phone.Due to JAR size problem we cannot include Bus search in Mini version.

Q.I have Samsung Duos or Samsung ch@t  it has sufficient PHONE MEMORY and MEMORY CARD memory then also while installing it shows INSUFFICIENT MEMORY ERROR?

Go to Settings->Memory->memory Status->Games and More ->Checkout available memory. 
Available memory must be greater than 400KB.If not click Games and More options. Select unwanted Games and delete it to make available memory atleast 400KB.

Q.Samsung, "JAR FILE OVER MAX SIZE" error, How to fix it?

Q. "Mega Block SMS Alerts" activation?

Please follow following steps to receive mega block alerts

1. SMS START 6 to 1909
2. SMS ON m-indicator to 9870807070

Step 1 sends DND activation for only information messages alerts.

Q.Network settings HELP


  • Set Blackberry Network Connection
Note: Applicable m-Indicator 3.0.2 onwards
-Settings-> Network Connection

Choose GPRS,BIS,BES,Wi-Fi as per availability
(Most of the time setting it to BIS works)
  •  Samsung java settings
    • Applications menu->Choose Java world->Under options, choose network settings->Fill in the correct settings for your operator

  • Getting GPRS Settings from Operator

(Updated on 9th March 2011)

Postpaid customers: sms ACT VL to 111 (toll free).
Mumbai customers need to sms ACT VLZERO to 111 (toll free)
Prepaid customers: sms ACT VL to 144 (toll free).
Customer care: 198(tollfree)
for settings sms INTERNET to 52270
customer care 121
for settings sms ALL to 55100
customer care CDMA postpaid:   *222
customer care CDMA prepaid:  *333
for settings sms ALL to 54321
customer care:  121
for settings sms GPRS BP <handset name first 3 charaters> <phone model> to 57788
Example: GPRS BP NOK 6300
customer care:  121
for settings sms SET to 54671
for activation sms ACTGPRSZERO to 12345
customer care: 9702012345
MTNL Customer care
GARUDA    1502  or   22221502
DOLPHIN / TRUMP    1503 or  9869012345 or  22221503
for activation send sms GPRS to 555
for activation send sms ACT GPRS to 444
MTNL Manual GPRS configuration to Access MTNL GPRS

*Profile Name: MTNL GPRS


*Bearer: GPRS

*GPRS settings:
IP address:
Port No: 9201 (Sony, Samsung, Motorola)
If Proxy Port: 9401 (Nokia,O2, other high end phones)

*APN (Access Point Name):                                                  
For Prepaid Enter: gprsppsmum
For Postpaid (Billing) enter:  gprsmtnlmum

*User ID: mtnl

*Password: mtnl123

*Connection type: Permanent

*Security: Off/Normal/PAP(sony erricssion)