Women Safety

What are the different features provided in this section?

It contains three wonderful features considering safety of women travellers:

How Unique is it?

How “Manual Emergency SMS” Feature works?

With one touch click on “Safety" icon on Homescreen, Emergency SMS of your approximate location can be sent to your near and dear ones.

  1. In m-Indicator Homescreen, click on red colour "Safety" icon->Safety Settings.
  2. Click on "Contact 1". It will open your address book.
  3. Select the contact number of the person who may come for immediate help in case you are in emergency.
  4. Similarly you can also set the "Contact 2". After registering contacts, "Safety" icon will be automatically created on Homescreen. Move this icon on first Homescreen for immediate access in case of emergency.
  5. When you click on "Safety" icon on your Homescreen, Emergency SMS will be sent to Contact 1 and Contact 2. This SMS contain your approximate location information.

How “Automatic Emergency SMS” feature works?

Women in Mumbai are mainly unsecured during night times after 9 pm. Keeping this thing in mind, from 9 pm to 8 am if you receive 2 missed calls from the person whose number is registered in m-Indicator in place of Contact 1 and Contact 2, m-Indicator sends an automatic SMS to that person about her approximate location.

How “Automatic SMS” feature is secure?

How "Local train travel" will be safe by using this feature?

Note: This feature has developed keeping in mind that, women are more cautious about their journey while travelling in night by local trains and they need some mechanism to alert relatives and Police/RPF in case of emergency.
  1. In m-Indicator local train section, you can select particular train which takes you to screen on which whole train journey is displayed station by station.
  2. Press "RPF" icon adjacent to the list of stations.
  3. It opens the screen on which you can select your compartment in train(FRONT, MIIDDLE or END).
  4. Press "Save" button & exit the application.
  5. Whenever you find yourself in an emergency click on the "Safety" icon on your mobile Homescreen, location SMS is immediately sent to your relatives registered in place of Contact 1 & Contact 2.
  6. Safety screen of m-Indicator will be opened now
  7. To report the incident, you will have to click on Western or Central Railway - Helpline
  8. A call to Railway Protection Force (RPF) control room will be connected, 1311 to Western Railway and 1275 to Central Railway on which you can lodge the complaint.
  9. Simultaneously, in the interval of one minute gap, 3 SMS will be sent to RPF control room automatically from your phone. These SMS contain your approximate location, compartment and train information. Thus RPF can track your location if you are in the moving train and unable to describe your location. RPF staff expected to be available for help on the next station.

How child lock feature works?

It is to prevent children from accidentally clicking the Safety icon.

Warning: Any Misuse of this Service is a Punishable Offence Under the Law.

Note: This service is completely free. Standard SMS charges are applicable as per your telecom subscriber plan.